Thursday, April 10, 2008

I miss my blog...

I kinda miss my blog. Now that I'm back here sulking, which will make me feel better after that.

Well here I am, still in the office, wondering what shit have I just created by myself. I know I should be doing my work now but I just couldn't concentrate a shit. Lots of stuff are running in my head now. I feel like it's going to explode.

My code submission are long overdue and I still haven't completed it. What a dumbass. Instead of fixing my code, I'm here sulking away. WTF...

Shit... Signing off...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm back!!!

I'm back everyone. Haha. I'm back after 8 months of hiatus. It did not even appears on my mind that I'm going to abandon this blog of mine, for now. I'm going to keep updating it, well, at least once a while.

It's December now and it seems that I missed lots of updates :P

Updates on me: I'm still the same old me!!!

I'll be posting quite a number of post this few weeks to make up to those that I missed previously :P

Gtg for now. Ciao.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Wow, this blog actually survived(well barely) for 1 year. Hehe. Happy Birthday to

I think I need to do something on my blog. Some changes. Hmmm a makeover or something. Let me find some time first. LOL.

Yesterday was the second year anniversary of working in Motorola and most importantly, the second anniversary of our friendship among the 7 of us, Chee Leong, JC Siaw, Syida, Sabita, Pushpa, Parames and myself. We went to KFC for a simple lunch since most of us are busy and rushing back. Well hooray!! It's not pizza this year. Hehe.

We discussed if we'll still be here in Motorola for the 3rd year anniversary, but no one disagree that it won't be a complete 7 of us would be in Motorola on April 18, 2008. Haha. I just hope that I won't be the last among us to leave. :P

Well even if we won't be together in Motorola next year, we could celebrate our 3rd year of friendship too. Probably a dinner at night, if everyone is working within KL area. That should be feasible. :D

Ok folks. That's all for now. Ciao. Bye.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bad and hectic week

It's been a bad and hectic week for me for the past 2 weeks.

1st week(Last week): Bad week.
Involved myself in an accident last Tuesday. Suei. Have to blame myself really for not being extra careful when raining. Needless to say, what's over is over.

2nd week(This week): Hectic week.
I'm on support this week, not sure what happen, darn lotsa issues. Sigh. Busy like hell. I miss out the bowling tournament too.

1 word. Sad.


Monday, March 12, 2007


It's been a long time since I last update. Wondering what's with the title? Coz I'm just watch 2 movies back to back not long ago. 300 was one of them. "Blasphemy" was the word used frequently in that movie. LOL. So yeah, behold the review of the 300. LOL. (I'm not good in writing reviews but here goes)

What would you do if you're the king and wasn't allowed to bring your troop to war, with the so called "Oracle" foresees that Sparta will fall if they were to go to war?
Answer is, take 300 bodyguards for a walk.

This 300 men, Spartans they called themselves, would be marching out to face a massive troop of millions, looking for the beautiful death(that's what they really call it).

With the faces of enemies include mortals, immortals and warcraft like creatures, the 300 men defended with all their might, only to fall because of a traitor.

Overall, the storyline of the movie is quite predictable but the breathtaking cinematrography and scenery is kinda special. I like the movie overall.

(Looks like another failure case of review after all :P Lazy to type out in details. If I do it won't be fun either, so it's best that you watch it yourself :D)

(After searching on Google, I found out that Oracle is an authoritative person who divines the future. That answers my questions on why they call it Oracle and not Google/Microsoft! LOL.)

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Which special ability would you prefer?


Heroes. Currently I'm watching a series called Heroes, by NBC. With the advertised tagline "Ordinary people discovering extraordinary abilities" when first introduced, you can never go wrong with this kind of show. I've watched till episode 12 now and still rooting for more.

My favorite character in the show would be Hiro Nakamura. Yes he's a Japanese. The way he pronounce "very" as "bery" and "villain" as "billain". LOL. But my friend told me that is the way the Japanese pronounce those words.

Here's a few of the special ability that they have. So which one would you prefer?

1. Fly
2. Predict the future
3. Superhuman strength
4. Ability to heal own physical injuries
5. Hear other people's thoughts.
6. Manipulate space and time continuum (Hiro's ability)
7. Invisibility
8. Power to alter physical tangibility and phase through solid objects (something like the "billain" in Terminator 2, but not to that extent)

Those listed up there are only a few ability of the main casts. There's one ability that can persuade people to do the stuff that you told them to do and they will follow. I think this is one of the most powerful ability in the world, but the character has been killed off.

If I were able to choose one from the list above, I would choose no. 5, ability to hear people's thought. Why? Hmm because humans are complicated. Would like to know what actually is in other people's mind. Ok larr in other words, busy body? LOL. There are pros and cons if you have extraordinary power. As the quote in Spiderman, "Great power comes with great responsibility" You can't just simply use your own power to do bad.

Which one of those that I hate the most? Same, no.5. It's like crossing over people's line, without any permission to read their thoughts. I would hate it if people read my thoughts without me knowing. If I were to have that power, what if I heard some secrets that I'm not suppose to know? Keep it to myself? Or spread it out to everyone? Darn, it's hard to be extraordinary.

So conclusion? I'm happy being ordinary :P If I really want an ability, that would be the ability to know myself better. I still don't know who I am after 24 years plus of existence. What a loser!!

Anyway, go watch this series ok? :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Singapore trip

I know this post is wayyyyy overdue, but here goes, my trip to Singapore last month. Lazy to write in details. So here goes...

Link to the pictures below. 18SX!!! :P
My SG Pics

Day 1:
Realized that I've forgotten to take my battery along -_-"
Bought a new one in Singapore, cost me SGD 45.
Stayed in Grand Hyatt Hotel, but had buffet lunch at Marriott Hotel :P
Went to "Big Boyz Toyz" Expo, should have called "Rich Boyz Toyz" -_-"
Strolled along Orchard Road at nite, alone.

Day 2:
Lunch at Little India, nothing much to see, but there's a shopping centre called Mustafa, 24 hours and stuff are cheap there.
Chinatown the next destination, and a few more places, walk till wanna my leg gonna break. LOL.
Merlion, Esplanade, n Suntec City Mall Fountain of Wealth. Will I ever get rich? LOL
Stayed in hotel at nite, too tired yo.

Day 3:
Buffet breakfast in the morning.
Vivo City, gonna be a MRT link from Vivo City to Sentosa.
Wanted to go to Sentosa but weather doesn't look too good.
Decided to go Faber Hill, but I seriously think it's a scam. Not worth going there. Summore have to pay SGD10.90 for the cable car to get there. SO EXPENSIVE!!
My mom and youngest sis came. So take my sis for a walk along Orchard Road.
Another sis arrived later that nite too.

Day 4:
Wanna go Bugis with my mom n sis. But have to wait for them to shop -_-"
End up in Bugis but spent most of my time waiting for them.
Orchard Road again at nite with dad, mom n my sisters.

Day 5:
Goodbye Singapore.

Overall it's a good trip (Don't have much to compare on as this is the first time outstation after a long time)
A bit boring to walk alone, but if with my mom, sure shopping come first. Hate shopping if I love some stuff but can't afford to buy.